Abortion Stories Wanted For International Women’s Magazine Article

Hello everyone,

This is a big ask and I would like to thank any replies in advance for sharing such a personal experience with me.

I am a journalist for an international magazine that focuses on female empowerment, culture, and fashion. We are based in Berlin and we are saddened by the new draconian abortion law which has been passed in Poland. We stand with all of the women protesting their right to choose there this week.

In lieu of this, we want to hear from women who have had abortions for whatever reason and in whatever circumstances. We aim to collate an article of stories from women and give them a voice to share their experiences. I wish we could do in-depth pieces for everyone but due to the word count cap, they would have to be around 200-300 words in length. A brief summary of who you are, what the circumstances were, and how you feel about your decision would be wonderful.

If this is something that you would like to be involved with then please send submissions to:

If you would prefer to attach your real name to your piece then we can do so, if you would prefer to remain anonymous then we can give you a pseudo-name. You will of course get to see the article once it has been written.

We have a large readership on our site and 20,000 followers on our social channels so the story will be read by quite a few people, so please only share if you feel comfortable having your story in the public sphere. It will be approached with the utmost sensitivity and respect for everyone involved.

Again my thanks and well wishes to everyone in the community


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