ADVICE ASAP :/. fishy smell ive had my whole life is making me miserable, kinda long post

ok i really dont want to make this a sob story thing so im just going to keep this short but some backstory, i grew up in a very neglectful family and was never taught how to do JACK SHIT, they didnt care about me keeping up routines etc. one of which being my hygienic routines. so i was never taught how to take care of my vaginal health, shaving etc and my mom never rly talked to me about these things.

so now i’m 18 and i’ve had a fishy smell down there since i basically was a child, followed with excessive discharge.. its ruining my life cause i dont want to have sex at all until i fix this i wont even let anyone finger me in fear of them tasting or smelling their fingers later. but i really want to start having sex, the only thing keeping me back is this stupid fucking smell and i feel hopeless.

i also need to go get a wax cause i dont know how to shave my vag or ass, only the vulva so ive just let it grow (also cause im not gonna be having sex now anyway) but i dont want to have this stupid smell bothering the poor employees like..

i have no idea what to do. i went to the doc once and she prescribed me antibiotic pills to stick up my vag lmao but i have NEVER put anything in there, i tried getting the pill up there but i jut couldnt so i actually never got to use the pills.

i had to teach myself ab how to wash the vagina and to shower at Least 5 days a week but im still scared im doing something wrong cause the smell doesnt go away no matter what. ik youre not supposed to wash inside your vagina but i wash on the inside of my lips but idk if thats just as bad. im terrified about using any shower products meant for the genitals or even unscented soap bc i dont wanna accidentally worsen things so i just use water.

i feel like the past 2 years it comes and goes, however most of the time theres a fish smell. its not very strong but its there. i dont rly taste like anything just kinda acidic i guess.

my point is just give me ALL the fucking tips you have on taking care of vaginal health and preventing smells.. cause i feel so lost and frustrated that i dont know these things. even though ik its not my fault i still feel terrible and disgusting. i have barely talked to anyone about this its so embarrassing please help..

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