All You Need Is a Hardcover Book to Do These 3 Total-Body Moves

Forget the free weights—just head to your bookshelf.

Fitness influencer Katie Austin continues to show us how to build strength in the most DIY ways. This time she’s using a textbook as a weight and squeezing in a three-move, whole-body workout in just one minute. Each move is designed to be done for at least 20 seconds. Grab a hardcover book and then check out the video, in which she demonstrates this quickie workout—or scroll down for for a description of each step.

Romanian Deadlifts

Hold your book out in front of you. Bring your arms down and bend down to bring the book just above the ground. Make sure your hips don’t move; perform this move for 20 seconds.

Narrow Squat + Overhead Press

While holding your hardcover, keep your knees and feet together as you lower into a squat. Come up to a standing position, then lift your textbook overhead. Do for 20 seconds.

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Front Lunge With Torso Twist

Step forward into a front lunge with your right leg and hold out your book in front of you. When you lunge, rotate your torso to the right. Repeat this move with your left leg and rotate to the left. Alternate between your right and left legs for 20 seconds.

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