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Allplants Review: An Exceptionally Tasty Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Allplants is an entirely plant-based meal delivery service. However, we don’t want to pigeonhole its meals as being suitable only for vegans. Regardless of where you sit on the dietary spectrum, Allplants’ meals are exceptional and provide everything you want from a delivery service.

Having tried a range I can say they are very tasty, and pleasingly varied in both flavours and ingredients used. Every meal contains at least two of your five-a-day – often more – and the portion sizes are big enough to satisfy, though on particularly active days it’s worth ensuring you pick up one of the company’s sides or puddings alongside your main dish (or make your own).

The meals are delivered frozen and take around six to 10 minutes to heat up in the microwave (you can also reheat in the oven, but it takes much longer). A welcome bonus is there’s no mid-microwave stir required so you can pop them in and wander off if you like.

For omnivores it can be hard to believe the meals are entirely plant-based, such is the creamy cheesiness of the Mac & Greens, for example. Another meal I especially enjoyed was the Three Mushroom Risotto, especially paired with the Garlic + Chilli Green side.

However, although the evening meals were always enjoyable, I was even more taken with Allplants’ new range of lunch bowls. Packed with an assortment of veg and grains, some kind of mash (made with beans and peas, or coconut and edamame, for example), plus a protein source like nuts or tofu, these bowls are terrific and guarantee an interesting, delicious and healthy lunch.

There’s a comprehensive nutritional breakdown of every meal on the Allplants website, and it also lists how many portions of your five-a-day each contains – a detail I always like to see. There are some “lighter” meals that come in under 450 calories, but all the meals seem to be under 600 calories anyway. They’re also generally high in fibre, another big plus.

The meals are ordered by the box, which contains either six or 12 meals, plus any sides, puddings and smoothies you wish to add. If you opt for six meals it’ll cost you £40.50 for a box, while 12 meals cost £59.88, a 26% saving that is worth considering since they’re frozen and will last. With the 12-meal boxes you still pick just six meals and get two portions of each, rather than selecting 12 different ones.

The obvious time to try Allplants is when you’re testing the plant-based waters during an event like Veganuary, when it will make getting started on a vegan diet much easier. However, there really is no bad time to enjoy the meals on the Allplants menu, and they’re right up there with the best delivery services available regardless of your dietary preferences.

Buy from Allplants | Six-meal box £40.50, 12-meal box £59.88