Anna Victoria Shows Even Fitness Models Have Stomach Rolls

Instagram star and blogger Anna Victoria proves we all have bad angles with before-and-after photos shot within minutes of one another.

Anna Victoria has racked up almost 1 million followers on Instagram by sharing photos of her absolutely rockin’ body and the tough workouts she does to stay strong and toned.

But as she has shown before, it’s not all about what you see in those perfectly-posed photos.

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On Wednesday, Victoria shared side-by-side snaps of herself, which were taken within minutes of each other and posted through Snapchat the day before her wedding. In one, she’s standing in a two-piece, looking toned and tan. The caption reads, “ready for my dress.” In the second, she’s sitting down and showing her stomach from a different angle. “Sitting, relaxed – not every angle is your best angle and that’s ok :),” she writes.

Victoria, creator of Fit Body Guides (FBG), a series of tailored healthy living plans, said she posted the photos to her Instagram at the request of her followers, many of which are loyal to her FBG community.

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She captioned the photo with a great message: “Someone recently said to me that we all have our good angles and we all have our bad angles, so why do we let our bad angles carry so much more weight than our good angles? If you focus on how you look in the bad angles, at least focus on how good you look in the good ones too!!”

This isn’t the first time that the fitness star has been real about her body. In January, she posted an image of herself foam rolling her legs wearing just a sports bra. In it, she showed her few stomach “folds”, and said that it is “not anything to hate or be ashamed of”. She wrote a heartfelt message about body-acceptance to women everywhere:

“Your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be healthy, your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat for you to love yourself, and your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be confident and beauty and an all around amazing person,” she wrote in the caption.

Currently on her honeymoon, Victoria took a moment to speak to Cosmopolitan about the photo, and also her motivation in sharing these inspiring images.

“I wanted to show my followers that while you may see girls posed and at their best angle on Instagram, we don’t walk around like that,” she said. “Everyone has bad angles, but that’s not what defines us.”

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