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Anne Hathaway On Her Anxiety: 'I Did Everything Wrong For So Long'

Anne Hathaway opened up about her battle with anxiety and disordered eating in a revealing new interview with People

The 36-year-old actress spoke to the outlet’s editorial director, Jess Cagle, about the “10-year challenge” photo she posted on Instagram this month and how she’s changed in the decade between the photos. 

“Wow. Check out 2009 me trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Check out 2019 me doing what feels right. Wicked sweet,” the actress had written on Instagram, quoting “Princess Diaries.”

“I remember, 10 years ago, being so scared going into the whole awards season and doing what I thought I was supposed to do, so I barely ate anything at Christmas. I hate to say that,” Hathaway said, her voice going to a whisper as she covered her face with her hands.

“I remember my dad making a pie and I ate just a little bite because I thought movie stars had to have a certain body. I was just smoking, just smoking my nerves away and wasn’t nourishing myself,” she added, miming smoking a cigarette with her hands. 

“And cut to 10 years later, I just figured out how to say thank you to life by trying to nourish myself, by taking care of myself, by not apologizing for occupying space ― which is not something I knew how to do 10 years ago,” she said. 

These days, Hathaway is unapologetically herself. Gone is the girl who constantly suffered from “feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and nervousness and anxiety,” she told People. 

Anne Hathaway on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen and Matthew McConaughey. 

Anne Hathaway on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and Matthew McConaughey. 

The actress also made headlines recently when she revealed that she’d given up drinking back in October after a wild night with her “Serenity” co-star, Matthew McConaughey, and his wife, Camila Alves. 

“I quit drinking back in October, for 18 years. I’m going to stop drinking while my son is in my house just because I don’t totally love the way I do it and he’s getting to an age where he really does need me all the time in the mornings,” Hathaway told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month. 

The actress added, “I did one school run one day where I dropped him off at school, I wasn’t driving, but I was hungover and that was enough for me. I didn’t love that one.” 

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