Anyone have sudden slight bleeding after sex and it was nothing serious?

Out of nowhere I started experience very slight bleeding after sex. It started a few days after my period(ended july 30th) so I thought maybe it was just too soon after but it stopped for two days and I thought it was ok so me and my bf had sex again and I went to the bathroom and there was a very small bit/streak of red blood (the first time it was pink then the next day slight brown like old blood)

My job doesn’t offer health insurance and I’m scared to get it looked at due to the costs and what it could be. My bf is above average and is kind of rough but it’s enjoyable and we’ve been doing it for a year with no blood until now :/ I am not on any birth control right now so I know it’s not related to that, I’ve been off it for maybe 2 months

I’m worried it’s cancer now and just wanna cry so I was hoping someone had similar experiences and maybe had everything turn out ok because I’m overthinking and googling like crazy

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