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Are You Making This Dangerous Mistake with Your Mandoline Slicer?

We love our mandoline for getting paper-thin slices of produce like cabbage, radishes, and apples. Not so much our fingers!

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Whether you’re making a salad, scalloped potatoes, or a delicious ratatouille, you’ll want to use the perfect slicing tool, a mandoline. It has super-sharp blades to make quick work of all your slicing prep. However, even the most graceful of mandoline “players” run the risk of a nicked finger. We know. We’ve been there! Ouch.

The mistake we’re all making

Mandolines come with a slicing guard or food holder that’s supposed to hold food in place and protect your fingers. It’s usually bulky, doesn’t grip food well, and leaves you with a pretty sizable chunk of unsliced produce. The guard also ends up mashing tomatoes (and other more delicate things) into a watery mess. It seems like the only option is to leave the guard behind and slice bare-handed. Looking for some safer tools to get your kids interested in cooking? Try some of the weirdest, most unique kitchen gadgets you won’t believe are real.

But we have a better solution.

How to keep your fingers safe

Cut Resistant Glovesvia

We suggest investing in a pair of cut-resistant gloves. Amazon’s Choice for cut-resistant gloves is the delightfully named “NoCry” brand.

As powerful as your mandoline is, it’s no match for these gloves, which have a cut resistance four times stronger than leather. Yet they’re lightweight and because they come in four sizes (S, M, L, XL), they provide a snug grip no matter how small or large your hands are. Having a good grip is essential when you’re trying to tackle a precise slicing job. Oh—the gloves are also machine washable.

Bottom line: Go forth and “play” that mandoline, but please keep your fingers safe! Just like the cut resistant gloves, you’ll wish you had these handy kitchen gadgets years ago!

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