Birth Control and it’s Future

As everyone knows we are in nightmare situation right now as women. They are going to come for our bc next. As dirty old men they have no idea that bc isn’t just for preventing pregnancy. It gives relief to women with crazy periods or painful periods. Plus many other reasons. I am going to […]



Hey ladies! I’ll try to answer this question myself but have found mixed responses. Even my doctor didn’t have the same answer as The next. My Nexplanon implant hit The three-year mark last July 2021. I’ve honestly just been too caught up in other things in my life to sit down and make the appointment […]


filshie clip migration

In 2019 I signed paper work at 20 weeks pregnant for insurance purposes for sterilization. In the document that I signed it listed off a couple ways that they could sterilize me. None of which were with filshie clips. August 2019 After 26 hours of Labor And a solid 1 1/2 possible 2 hours of […]


6cm ovarian cyst…freaking out.

Hello Reddit. I felt that I needed to ask about this because I’ve gotten the runaround at my gyno about all of this, and I really need peace of mind. (F/20) April 18th- My kyleena iud was placed May 4th- Sent a message to my doctors concerning pain I had in my lower right pelvic […]

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The future is hybrid: How mobile software can help train healthcare professionals more effectively and efficiently

As the Covid-19 pandemic grew in the United States, hospital systems scrambled to accept the massive influx of patients and create some semblance of protocols to treat these infectious patients. Due to the huge demand for intensive care of very sick patients, many clinicians were re-allocated to areas outside of their expertise. Many of my […]


I’m 40 and pregnant

Throw away account. I need support, advice, help with stopping my head from spinning. I’m recently separated after a very long marriage. After taking some time for myself, I decided to go out on a date with someone I met on a dating app. We dated for about a month, and I did sleep with […]


So, How Does Monkeypox Typically Spread?

On May 18, a U.S. resident in Massachusetts tested positive for monkeypox after traveling to Canada, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Recent cases have also been reported in some European countries—including the U.K., Spain, and Portugal, which have seen up to 30 cases each—and Australia, according to the World Health […]