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Campaigners in court over NHS policy

A judicial review by a group of campaigners challenging government health policy in England gets under way at the High Court later. The group, which was backed by Prof Stephen Hawking before his death, are fighting the creation of accountable care organisations (ACOs). These are to act as partnership bodies incorporating hospitals, community services and […]

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13 Disgusting Foods You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat

Live squid marcin jucha/ShutterstockTechnically, odori don isn’t served while still alive… but the squid’s muscles and nerves are still active when it’s brought to your table. That means that any soy sauce or salt you sprinkle on top causes the tentacles to squirm around. Apparently, that feeling of the squid moving in your mouth is […]


Curious About Botox? 11 Things You Need to Know First

Botox is a neurotoxin that gets injected with a needle istock/Hailshadow So what exactly are you putting into your face? John Paul Tutela, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon, explains, “Botox is a cosmetic injectable neurotoxin that is a very diluted form of Botulinum Toxin, which is found in the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. In this […]


The 10 Itches You Should Never, Ever Scratch

Dry skin Andrey_Popov/ShutterstockThe most common reason for itching occurs when your skin’s protective outer layer, the stratum corneum, gets parched. Ceramides, special lipids that act as a barrier to your skin (both by keeping hydration in and foreign materials out), are likely in short supply. Scratching may provide immediate gratification, but it can wreak havoc […]

Food & Nutrition

11 Things that Can Happen When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

The flavor could grow on you Michelle Lee Photography/ShutterstockA big reason people are hesitant to try apple cider vinegar (ACV) is the taste. But not only can you mask the taste by mixing it into something else, you absolutely should: Drinking the acidic stuff straight could damage your esophagus. Dilute the vinegar in a glass of […]


10 Things You Need to Know About Rosacea—Whether You Have It or Not

It’s caused by inflammation iStock/nemke You’ve probably heard of common skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, but do you also know about rosacea? If not, you’ve got to listen up. “Rosacea is abnormal blood vessel growth in all layers of the skin, caused by internal problems and inflammation within the body and skin,” says Julia […]


'Scandal' Star Katie Lowes Says It Took Her Body 3 Months to Adjust After Her Miscarriage

Having a miscarriage can be devastating both physically and mentally. It's something Scandal star Katie Lowes dealt with personally before she got pregnant with her son, Albee, who she gave birth to this past October. On a new episode of her podcast with Shondaland, Katie’s Crib, released on Sunday, Lowes said that she was three […]