Mari Llewellyn on Negative Social Media Comments, “Green Sticks,” and Her Favorite Workout Leggings

If you need some end-of-year motivation, look no further than Mari Llewellyn’s social media. After documenting her impressive health-slash-mental health journey of losing 90 pounds, the very popular, very-open, Instagram sensation has a new spot in the wellness space via her brand, Bloom Nutrition—a not-so-small company that can already ships 100,000-orders monthly and stands as […]

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Who is the best DTC provider and payer for telehealth?

LiveHealth Online is the highest ranked direct-to-consumer telehealth provider, while Humana is the highest ranked health plan for telehealth services, a new report found. The J.D. Power U.S. Telehealth Satisfaction Study, released Thursday, ranked companies on four factors: customer service, consultation, enrollment and billing and payment. The survey received responses in June and July from […]


How to Leave a Narcissist: Six Powerful Hacks

To leave a narcissist takes courage and emotional support.  As you probably know, since you are reading this right now, narcissists are charming, manipulative and adept at keeping you in a tangled relationship.  And that relationship is usually designed to fill their own needs.  Even though your needs for attention, affection and love are often […]


Prolonged symptoms of ct contrast dye

Last year I had to get a ct scan with contrast. Two days later had acid reflux which aggravated my asthma. It didn’t go away for over 75 days even after treatment. I also had sleep apnea for weeks after. Doctors put me through so many tests and all came back fine. I didn’t figure […]