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The One Thing You’re Not Doing with Your Cast-Iron Skillet (Yet!)

When you’re craving a rustic, golden pie that’s flaky and delicious, reach for your trusty cast-iron skillet! istetiana/Shutterstock A cast-iron skillet is the ultimate kitchen multitasker. I reach for it when I’m craving fried chicken that crackles, toasty grilled sandwiches, and even cheesy deep-dish pizzas. But one of my favorite treats to make in cast […]

Food & Nutrition

This Fast-Food Chain Is Closing More Locations Than Any Other Restaurant

Hint: They don’t sell french fries. optimarc/Shutterstock Food trends come and go, but good fast food is a staple in the American diet. Although it’s well-known as the less-healthy option, people still enjoy their burgers, fries, and shakes. However, one fast-food chain isn’t having much success lately: Subway. The chain sandwich shop closed more than […]

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'X-factor' golf swing linked to back pain

Striving for a supercharged golf swing could play havoc with your back, according to US doctors. The modern “X-factor” swing favoured by many professionals may hit balls harder and further but it can also put extra strain on the spine, the Barrow Neurological Institute experts say. They look at the example of Tiger Woods in […]