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18 Striking Photos That Capture The Intensity Of Birth

Birth photographers capture moments of deep intensity and emotion for parents. To celebrate this work, an international community of birth photographers called Birth Becomes Her holds an annual contest honoring labor, delivery and postpartum images. The organization invited birth photographers around the world to submit images taken in 2018 for the categories of hospital, out […]

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Winners And Losers Under Trump’s Big Plan To Lower Drug Prices

By Jay Hancock Few consumers have heard of the secret, business-to-business payments that the Trump administration wants to ban in an attempt to control drug costs. But the administration’s plan for drug rebates, announced last week, would end the pharmaceutical business as usual, shift billions in revenue and cause far-reaching, unforeseen change, say health policy […]

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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat Late at Night

Healthy Eating If you can’t get through late-night TV without munching on something, you should definitely avoid these health-wrecking, weight-adding choices. Late-night snacking PavelKant/Shutterstock We all remember a youthful night or two (or ten) fueled by energy drinks, pizza, and cookies. But it wasn’t good for us then, and it’s even worse now. Increasingly, research […]