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This Easy Trick Will Keep Your Guacamole from Going Brown

Never worry about gross-looking guac again. Magdanatka Guacamole is both delicious and chock-full of health benefits. It’s the perfect topping for nachos, burritos, and BLT sandwiches, well worthy of those extra couple bucks at Chipotle. In case you needed more reasons to eat your guac, avocados are packed with these powerhouse health benefits you never knew about. But […]


What President Trump Got Wrong About Abortion in His State of the Union Address

The Trump administration made its stance on restricting reproductive rights very clear during last night's State of the Union address. President Donald Trump spent a solid chunk of time speaking about the "chilling" state of abortion legislation today—particularly laws that protect a person's right to an abortion later in a pregnancy. His remarks contained a […]