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Authorities Say 15 Overdosed In 45 Minutes At Connecticut Park

Authorities say more than 30 people in New Haven, Connecticut, have been taken to area hospitals for suspected drug overdoses, local station WTNH News 8 reported.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell said the number includes 15 people who overdosed within 45 minutes of each other on Wednesday morning at the New Haven Green, a large city park.

No deaths have been reported, but two individuals had severe symptoms.

Authorities suspect K2, a manmade cannabinoid, is to blame for the incident and noted that the substance may have been laced with other drugs.

“We’ve heard from people on the green that it potentially included PCP. Some of the reactions in the emergency room would suggest that there was an opioid involved as well,” Emergency Medical Services Medical Director Dr. Sandy Bogucki told reporters Wednesday. 

“There were some that were unconscious, some that were nauseous, lethargic, some in respiratory duress,” New Haven Fire Chief John Alston said of the people treated by emergency responders.

“Nationwide, this is an issue for every city, every agency,” Alston said.

Only a few people had fallen ill late on Tuesday, but by Wednesday afternoon, well over a dozen more around the city required medical assistance, the New Haven Register reported.

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