been having 18 day period cycles since stopping birth control

i can’t find a single OBGYN clinic that isn’t booked up until December, so in the meantime i’m asking here but i will be seeing a doctor

as the title says, my period cycle has been consistently very short for 4 months now after stopping birth control. i was previously on the Nuvaring for just 2 1/2 years until my husband got a vasectomy due to my horrific symptoms & us not wanting kids. my last day on birth control was May 14th.

my first cycle afterwards was actually on schedule with what it would have been with the Nuvaring. after that, it’s consistently been every 18-19 days. so basically, if you think about it, i only have about 2 weeks where i’m not actively on my period because i bleed for 4-5 days which has gotten exhausting. every two weeks it’s back to bleeding. i don’t spot in between, but i do typically spot a day or two before my actual period begins.

i’m not in more pain than usual, i’m bleeding fairly lightly compared to my pre-birth control periods… i’m just bleeding a lot more frequently than usual. i know your body needs time to adjust after quitting birth control but it seems like i’m regulated to this new cycle & it’s so frustrating. anyone have any idea why? thank you in advance.

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