Bridgerton Might Have Just Sparked the Next Big Baby Naming Trend

Baby name inspiration can come from a lot of things, including family members, baby name books or your favorite book or TV show—like Bridgerton. If you started 2021 on the Bridgerton binge-watching train, you already know the show details the sweet tradition of naming kids alphabetically.

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

The Bridgerton family comprises eight children, alphabetically named in order of oldest to youngest: Anthony, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth. The reason behind the naming tradition? Viscountess Bridgerton explains in the first season she and her late husband found it orderly. Spoiler alert : If you got to the end of the first season, you know it’s a tradition Daphne and the Duke choose to continue.

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

If you’re looking for some inspiration and are intrigued by the alphabetical naming trend, check out some of the top names on The Bump, from A to Z.

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