Busy Philipps' Husband Marc Silverstein Has Taken 1000 SoulCycle Classes—Costing Almost $30,000

Busy Philipps‘ husband Marc Silverstein has hit a fitness milestone!

While on their way to SoulCycle together on Monday, the Freaks and Geeks actress revealed that the upcoming spin class was no ordinary event for the couple.

“So guys, I’m going to SoulCycle right now with Marc because today is [his] 1000th class of SoulCycle,” she said in the video posted on her Instagram story.

“How much money is that, Marc?” Philipps, 39, asked, before joking, “Do you own stock in SoulCycle?”

single SoulCycle class costs $ 30, but package deals are also offered by the fitness company, ranging from 5 to 50 class bundles, all at a discounted rate. Based on Silverstein’s frequent trips, it is likely that the screenwriter has spent close to $ 30,000 on spin classes.

The couple also determined that the Silverstein’s milestone took five years to achieve, based on the timing of Philipps’ pregnancy with daughter Cricket Pearl, 5, aligning with 47-year-old screenwriter’s cycling beginnings.

“Ok, 1000 classes in five years… what is the average?” Philipps continued. “It’s 200 a year!”

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The class was also a major event for the actress, as it was the first one she has attended in a year.

“We’ll see how it goes for me today,” she admitted. “I am a little nervous, I have to say.”

Philipps’ workout of choice has recently been dance-inspired fitness program LEKfit — which she realizes in the video that she also has a similar obsession with, taking 460 classes in under five years.

Her love for the class and fitness has frequently been documented on social media, including one recent encounter where Philipps shut down an internet troll after they tried to criticize her post-LEKfit workout selfie.

“Ughhhh, you’re rolls are showing” one user wrote on the photo posted to Instagram in August.

The mom of two quickly took him down a notch with her reply, expertly correcting his grammar.

“I feel like a man of your age should know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE. YOUR is POSSESSIVE, as in “YOUR rolls are showing.” (Get it? The rolls BELONG to me.) YOU’RE is an abbreviation for YOU ARE, as in YOU’RE CLEARLY AN A—— BODYSHAMING LOSER,” Philipps wrote.

Ironically, Philipps’ original post was all about what makes her feel good, as part of a charity campaign with Rockets of Awesome, a clothing brand that is donating kids wear to children in need through the non-profit Baby2Baby.

“Today is #TheAwesomeChallenge,” she wrote. “and my workout every morning makes me feel awesome (even on the days when I’d rather stay in bed, like today)”

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