Can an ultrasound distinguish between cancer and a fibroadenoma

Hi, I found a weird lump in my breast last week (I am 24) so my GP sent me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound doctor said it’s a fibroadenoma and that there’s 3 in my other breast. She frowned at the screen for a while and then concluded that two of those three are right next to eachother. She said it’s a non-cancerous tumor, nothing to worry about. She also told me it won’t shrink and will be there forever. It is kinda sore and she said that can change with my cycle, like the pain.

But I read online that an ultrasound can just see if the lump is solid or fluid filled. So she saw a tumor, but how does she know it’s benign? Should I go for a second opinion? My grandma and two of my grandpa’s sisters had breast cancer.

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