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Can You Guess the Candy Without Its Wrapper?

Sugary rainbow

skittlesMatthew Cohen/

Brightly-colored coated shells with a chewy and fruity center—unless you opt for the sour variety, they pack a pucker-power punch.

Answer: Skittles

This candy became super popular in the 1990s in part from the “Taste the Rainbow” ad campaign. They are just as fun to eat as they are to “play” with, like during a Skittle sorting racing game. Interestingly, these small candy confections actually made their debut as a British import in 1979. In 1982 production started stateside. Here are some non-candy Halloween treats everyone will love.

Let’s get fired up!

hot tamalesMatthew Cohen/

A chewy texture with an intense cinnamon flavor that packs a burst of heat in each pellet-size piece.

Answer: Hot Tamales

You’re more likely to spot this boxed candy at the movie theater next to the boxes of Mike and Ike. Just Born Candy Confections, the company that makes these two varieties, says they are two of the best-selling boxed candy options at theaters. And hey, if the movie is a snore fest, you can keep yourself awake with a box of Hot Tamales.

There’s no licorice in this twist

twizzlersMatthew Cohen/

The war of these two brands will go on forever but no matter which one you prefer, licorice isn’t in the ingredients. So, here’s a hint—one brand has just five ingredients while the other has 14.

Answer: Red Vines and Twizzlers

That was a tricky one! A true Red Vines lover knows there are only five ingredients, compared to Twizzlers. Fun fact, Jimmy Kimmel dropped little mesh bags of Red Vines via parachutes over the star-studded audience when he hosted the Oscars in 2017.

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