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Can You Guess What These 12 Brands Are Called in Other Countries?

Wait ’till you see what Mr. Clean is called in England.

Burger King


In Australia, you can’t get a Whopper at a Burger King. If you see the golden burger buns with red letters down under, they’ll say “Hungry Jack’s.” When Burger King expanded into Australia, there was already an Australian company called Burger King, so Burger King offered its Australian franchisee several alternative names. The franchisee went with Hungry Jack’s, which probably wasn’t a difficult choice for him since his name was Jack. Here are 10 cool and weird restaurants around the world.

Kraft Mac & Cheese


Kraft Mac & Cheese used to be called “Kraft Dinner” in many countries, but “Kraft Mac & Cheese” eventually became the moniker in most of them. However, just a bit north of us in Canada, the blue box still goes by “Kraft Dinner.” Canadians actually love the cheesy goodness of Kraft even more than we dothey buy 55 percent more per year than Americans.

Mr. Clean


In England, Mr. Clean looks the same as he does in the USA, but he has a different surname: he’s “Mr. Proper.” To us, this sounds less like a cleaning product mascot and more like someone who enforces good manners. Also, we can’t hear “Mr. Proper” in our heads in anything other than a British accent, so it fits. Here are 50 etiquette rules that it’s definitely proper to follow.

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