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Best Ways to Prevent Runner’s Knee

Over the past year, there has been little you could do in the line of exercising. It has been virtually impossible to hit the fitness clubs because most were temporarily closed due to COVID restrictions. This left a huge number of people to their own resources when trying to find ways to stay in shape…

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Risk of mRNA Covid booster causing heart inflammation in young adults continues to worry scientists, doctor says

The risk of mRNA Covid booster shots causing heart inflammation in young adults continues to worry top scientists weighing whether to approve third doses for anyone over 12, Dr. Ofer Levy, a voting member of the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel, said Friday. Levy, the director of the Precision Vaccines Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, spoke […]


How To Do The Cable Rotation

When most people think of abs exercises their mind naturally drifts to moves like crunches and leg raises. All of them can be great for your core, but they all only require you to move your body forwards and backwards. If you stick purely to this plane of movement (called the sagittal plane) then parts […]


Gymnast Turned Musician, Kelianne Stankus “All Set to Take on the World”

PHOTO CREDIT Photographer: Dylan Perlot | @dylanperlotWardrobe Stylist: Sky JT Naval | @sky_is_dlimitHair Stylist: Carolina Yasukawa| @yasulina | @exclusiveartistsCarolina Yasukawa for ExclusiveArtists using Kevin MurphyMakeup Artist: Michael Shepherd| @MakeupArtistMichaelPR: ICON PR | @icon_prClothing credits: CLD PR.Top/bottom/jacket -SEBNEM GUNAYSneakers- Jordan’s A native of California, Kelianne Stankus is an exceptionally talented 24-year-old Actress, Singer, Dancer, and Gymnast […]


2 Experts Answer FAQ on Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is fatal. Researchers believe there is not a single cause of this health condition. The disease likely develops from multiple factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Two neurologists, namely Dr. Isaacson, Director of the Center for Brain Health and Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic (APC) & Dr. Niotis, a preventative neurologist […]

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5 ways to ease anxiety during menopause

Anxiety is one of the many symptoms that can appear during menopause. Rosie Millen, Nutritionist and Spokesperson for Bio-Kult, reveals 5 ways to reduce anxiety during menopause During the menopause, anxiety can be one of the biggest side effects to disrupt your everyday life, on top of the other symptoms. Stress from the changes of […]


2 Exercises for Flat Abs

By Shoshana Pritzker “Step up your routine with a few new ab exercises. They are worth the pain of doing them,” notes Ava Cowan, a fitness professional who has competed in the most prestigious Figure events worldwide, ranking top 3 in the world and becoming a social media phenomenon with 1 million followers at her […]