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6 Self-Care Tips When Going Through a Separation

Going through a divorce is challenging for everyone involved. Even if you no longer love the person you were with, it’s normal to feel grief for the couple you were or the life you dreamed of living. These emotions are paired with financial stress and often the stress of co-parenting with someone you’d rather not…

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Advice needed

Hi ladies, I’m married to an amazing and beautiful woman, she makes me feel like we did when I first met her. She is incredibly sexy and I am 100% punching above my own weight with her. She is early 40’s and really losing her sex drive. When we were in our late 20’s to […]


not getting sexually aroused

Hey all, Long story short I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and our relationship is perfect! We have great chemistry emotionally and I am very physically attracted to him. Problem is I am no longer getting sexually aroused by him. We used to have sex almost 4 times a day, and […]


Left pelvic pain – 6 weeks pregnant

So I found out I’m pregnant (around 6 weeks). My first appointment for ultrasound is tomorrow morning & im nervous. I’m not sure why I’m nervous because I have a 3 year old & I also had a miscarriage 2 years ago so I’ve had ultrasounds. I guess it’s because yesterday I randomly had a […]


Very itchy nipple

Out of what felt like nowhere one nipple started itching like crazy and it is protruding outwards and looks a bit red and inflamed but literally just the tip area that looks red and inflamed should I be concerned ? This is only on my left side my right side looks completely normal


Afraid of weight gain-amenorrhea

Hello to all the ladies here! I just wanted to see how many of you had HP amenorrhea and wanted to recover? How did you approach the weight gain? My story is that after being underweight, then anorexia, the underweight,, then gaining weight because wanted to get my period back, the quitting smoking, gaining more […]


My vagina is constantly itchy.

I mean, 24/7. Wakes me out of my sleep. I have been to multiple gynecologists. Every time I go, it’s either BV or yeast, I get the meds, it’s clear for a week, and then it starts all over. I’ve tried probiotics, I’ve tried the capsules you place inside, I’ve tried creams, over the counters. […]


Sore after pelvic ultrasound

Is it normal to have a dull ache under my right rib after a pelvic ultrasound? They couldn’t find my right ovary because it’s covered by a large lymphocele and they kept jabbing the wand around looking for it. I had a lack of sleep due to the pain but it’s gotten a little better […]


Really sore stomach after peeing

Recently every month at around ovulation I get a really painful stomach each time after I pee. It’s really crampy and lasts for about 5 minutes. This usually lasts right up until my period. It’s usually worse in the morning then gradually gets better each time I pee. Sometimes it’s so bad I feel like […]