9 steps to escaping psychological abuse

Psychological abuse doesn’t leave bruises or cuts, but its wounds run much deeper. From signs of abuse to the steps on how to free yourself, Healthista finds out what you need to know Recovery from any form of abuse can be a difficult journey. This is especially true when the mistreatment doesn’t leave any physical […]


how do i handle ovarian cysts?

I’m 17 and just got diagnosed 4 months ago. I believe another one just popped and i dont know what to do. My moms in new york for her birthday so my father was here for a bit today to mow our lawn and I told him he needs to take me to the hospital. […]


slight trauma to ovary

i have a very large dog (70 pounds). he was moving spots on the couch and decided a great place to step would be on my body, and stay there for a second. i pushed him off to get him moving, but he had put a lot of weight right over my right ovary. it […]


urethra burning

Hi guys, I’m rlly hoping someone will maybe give me more advice than the stupid doctors do. I’ve been to a the obgyn many many times and finally got sent to a urologist. Still no help. Anyways I feel like I have a permanent UTI. It’s awful. I have constant pressure on my bladder(which is […]

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Apparently-Ailing Putin Surrounded By Docs, Kremlin In ‘Chaos,’ Says Ex Brit Intel Official

An apparently ailing Russian President Vladimir Putin is surrounded by doctors, and the Kremlin is increasingly in chaos, former British intelligence official Christopher Steele said in an interview. Steele, who provided the infamous unverified dossier about Donald Trump’s links to Russia suggesting possible Kremlin interference in the 2016 election, said Putin is “constantly accompanied around […]


Late period and clear discharge?

So I was supposed to start last week but I figured maybe stress is making it a bit late, but now I’m having clear discharge. I never noticed that before. Does this mean it’s about to come? I’m a little worried Edit to add: there are no other symptoms. No odor, not itchiness, or anything […]


Breast biopsy scheduled for BI-RAD 4b

Hi! I could really use some positive stories or reassurance. I’m pretty scared. Went in for my mammo and they called me back because there was an area of focal asymmetry. Went in for my ultrasound yesterday and confirmed a 1cm mass. On the ultrasound screen it looked somewhat oval to me but I’m not […]