Should We Ditch The Word “Foreplay”

Ah, foreplay. Licking, kissing, sucking, biting, and whatever else tickles your fancy – or fanny. To some foreplay includes eating out, blow jobs, fingering, handjobs, anal play, and a plethora of other activities. Activities involved in foreplay are fun, a great way to connect, and can increase your chances of experiencing an orgasm. Let’s be […]


Update on my UTI…

Hey y’all. I posted the other day asking about UTI symptoms, so let me regale you with my story. Two weeks ago I tested positive for a very mild UTI, and they started me on antibiotic 1. My urine culture came back indicative of a different bacteria, so they told me to stop antibiotic 1 […]


Contemplating medical leave

Have you taken medical leave I’m experiencing anemia, hair loss, extreme fatigue, chronic constipation, weight gain, bloating, dry skin and brittle nails. The fatigue is literally affecting my work. Even though I work from home I cannot stay up for the 3-4 hour meetings a day. It’s embarrassing because I will literally fall asleep and […]

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The Ultimate Garden Makeover Planning Guide

Exterior design trends change as quickly as interior design trends do. Purchasing a property and making sure the inside is exactly as you want it to be is often the priority, which makes total sense. However, after tackling the inside, you will often find that the outside has become even more neglected and overgrown. Making…

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ectropian cyst bleeding

For a year I have been on the NHS waiting list for having an ectropian cyst. I finally have a phone consultation in 2 weeks. After/during sex I sometimes bleed which is because of the cyst. I haven’t had sex in a few weeks but recently had it and got very heavy bleeding during sex. […]


My vulva and lips are bone dry.

For starters I have asked multiple doctors and none of them can offer me any help so there’s that.. I’ve been to countless doctors and nobody gives me an answer. My vulva and lips are so dry, as dry as your arm if you touched it right now. Because of this (I think?) everything itches […]


reoccurring UTI

Hi everyone! For 15 years I’ve had reoccurring UTIs. My husband and I are so careful when having sex, I have a urologist (not helpful at all!) I drink a ton of water, urinate after sex, and have a low dosage of antibiotics to take after sex. I was traveling on business this week and […]


Ovarian cyst help!

I’ve been dealing with severe pelvic pain for a month where I need 2-3 painkillers a day. Last week it has gotten worse where I vomit from the pain whenever the painkiller’s effect starts wearing off. I’m sick and tired and have no energy left. I have a 6.9 cm hemorrhagic ovarian cyst and my […]