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Texas Rep. — Trump’s Former Doctor — Demands Biden Take Cognitive Test

Dr. Ronny Jackson, who went from serving as Donald Trump’s presidential physician to representing Texas in Congress as a Republican, is accusing President Joe Biden of cognitive decline. On Thursday, Jackson released a letter asking the 77-year-old president to submit to a cognitive test immediately because of “mental decline and forgetfulness.”  The letter claims that all […]

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Lyell, Verve IPOs raise a combined $692M as both biotechs steer toward clinical trials

At one time, preclinical biotechs had a hard time pulling off IPOs. Investors wanted to see early data from tests in humans to reduce their financial risk. But Lyell Immunopharma and Verve Therapeutics aren’t the typical preclinical biotech companies. Each led by a prominent physician, they’re developing novel genetic approaches to treat cancer and cardiovascular […]

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Researchers flag privacy risks with de-identified health data

A growing number of hospitals are banding together with tech companies to create analytics businesses, or develop predictive algorithms. These efforts are fueled by de-identified data, which gives hospitals and other covered entities the ability to share patient data without specifically asking for their consent. Patients’ names, addresses, and other potentially identifying information are removed […]

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Power of decentralized clinical trials in creating a more valuable and inclusive future

Patient participation is the backbone of clinical trial research. Without broad representation, results may be skewed to a less representative patient population that cannot be extrapolated to the general public. Local clinical trial accessibility has been identified as a major challenge, with trials unavailable to 56% of eligible patients at their local institution and patients […]

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A leap forward in radiation therapy for brain tumors

Advances in cancer therapies continue to improve survival rates for patients with overall cancer death rates from 2013-2017 decreasing for men, women, children, and adolescents and young adults, according to the National Cancer Institute’s Annual Report to the Nation 2020. As people with cancer live longer, understanding and managing the short- and long-term side effects of […]