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Elizabeth Nguyen: 2X Gold Medalist U.S. Figure Skating and Maxim Glamour Model talks about her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

Elizabeth Nguyen rose to the top of the 15,000 gorgeous women who entered the latest Maxim Cover Girl competition, winning the crown, the cover, and the $25,000 prize money. She is figure skater, does gymnastics, ballet, tennis, and she even ran for track and field. She is a five-time U.S. national competitor and earned the […]

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Silvia Marsó: Exceptionally Talented Spanish Film Actress talks about her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

Silvia Marsó, actress, singer and producer, with a long career, has developed all genres, styles and disciplines, both in theater and in the audiovisual medium. From the beginning he showed great versatility and solid preparation. He has interpreted more than 100 characters, in 22 films, 28 series and 22 plays, receiving 15 awards and nominations. […]

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SHIELD Immunity+

With SHIELD Immunity+ you can stay huge, stay healthy and never lose your gains! IS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AS STRONG AS YOU ARE? Even a minor deficiency can derail your immune system and let’s face it, viruses, bacteria and pathogens can be anywhere and everywhere! Making real gains in size and strength simply aren’t possible […]


Pain Under the Armpit

There could be a number of reasons for pain under the armpit. In the same way as the blood vessels of the heart can cause chest pain and heart attacks, narrowing of the major blood vessels supplying the arm (peripheral artery disease) can lead to pain that is felt in the armpit. Also, Angina is a condition that does cause severe chest pain due to a temporary reduction in blood flow to the heart. The pain occurs because […]