Constant recurring BV and yeast infections advice? :(

This is so frustrating!! I am 18 years old and have been to my OBGYN countless times ever since puberty. It is absolutely humiliating. It’s like it never even goes away. When I get my BV cleared up, I either immediately get a yeast infection, or the BV comes back. Sometimes I have both at the same time! I have tried medications, vaginal suppositories, and my doctor finally decided boric acid was the next route to try. Even it’s not keeping it away. I have vaginal boric acid suppositories, and it seems to dull my symptoms for like a day before it immediately comes back. I am at my wits end. Seriously. I am so insecure about how I smell. I hate having sex and I’m starting to hate my body because I fear my partner/other people can smell me. I refuse to EVER let anyone go down on me. I don’t understand 🙁 why me? What am I doing wrong? Do I have to lose weight, change my diet completely, or change my lifestyle JUST for my vagina to not be angry😐I am a little heavy, 160 pounds and 5’3. Could it be that my thighs are suffocating any air flow to my vagina and causing it to just get overly hot and gross down there? Bc I mean, that’s definitely a possibility but I don’t even know how to fix that. I’ve always had huge thighs and it’s not like I can air things out 24/7. I am at my wits end!!! Please help! What products have you used that have worked for you?

Edit: Thank you so so much for all of the advice in the comments!! I was not expecting so many replies😁These are all so helpful and I will be considering all of them. I really appreciate all the different methods and approaches yall suggested. Makes me feel loads better knowing that I’m not alone! Thank you, beautiful people!!

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