Does the cervix have its own smell?

okay bare with me here i know its a strange question lol but like the vagina has its own smell does the cervix? sorry for TMI but i dont know where else to ask, when i google it just keeps taking me to the smell of discharge and thats not what im looking for lol

for context: in 2020 i was being monitored for CIN1 and in this time i got a little curious so i felt my cervix, it felt a little rough not smooth like i thought but it had the normal doughnutty shape, assuming the roughness could be the abnormal cells and the fear of it progressing thinking cancer can have a smell curiosity got the better of me and i sniffed the finger that touched the cervix lol it smelt.. strange and i cant describe what it smelt like, anyway my follow up was CIN3 and i had a LLETZ treatment in march just gone and the follow up smear was HPV- (my country wont check the cells when its negative which terrifies me a little false negatives and all that lol) fast forward to the other night, i got curious again wondered what it would feel like now that ive had a LLETZ and fully healed 10 month later, still its rough but now its bumpy which im assuming its scar tissue, maybe? so again i sniff the finger and its got the same smell!

My discharge doesnt have the same smell it smells like my normal discharge so its not that and my vagina smells like my normal vajayjay, ive even touched my vaginal wall the smell is just when i touch my cervix.. does the cervix actually have a smell or am i going crazy here? lol TIA x

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