Does this sound like a yeast infection or something different?

21f. I have regular periods after stopping birth control in March. I had my last period 9/12 through 9/16. The day after my period ended, I started having sharp pelvic/abdomen pain that spread to my lower back. It’s mainly on the left side of my pelvis but can spread to both sides. I’ve also been having itching, burning, and a painful vagina. When my boyfriend and I have sex, it’s painful and stings. The thrusting hurts and feels extremely tight, as if something is pushing against my boyfriends penis. I was having discharge that looked flakey like dead skin. I also had light pink discharge and cottage cheese like discharge. I had just finished taking antibiotics for a tooth infection so I thought that caused the yeast infection. So far as of 9/22 I just have pain in my abdomen and my vagina still burns and stings during sex and itches. I stopped taking the antibiotics a few days ago. What do you think it is? Also, it’s spread to my boyfriend- his penis started bleeding under the tip after sex last night and is in pain. I’m worried because idk if it’s the same thing that made me bleed pink last week.

Edit: I’ve been having recurring yeast infections and pain during sex. I was taking antibiotics on and off for a few months during this time. But even when I didn’t, I still had a few times where my boyfriend and I are hurting down there after sex. He got scabs and has had rashes on his genitals when I’ve had those infections. We’ve used a cream and it would go away but come back.

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