Doona Launches New Car Seat Alert System to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

As temperatures rise across America, so do the heartbreaking reports of children dying after being forgotten in hot cars. While no parent wants to believe this could happen to them, the combination of sleep deprivation, device distraction and a different routine can make even the most attentive parent forgetful.

To help parents stay vigilant even on their most sleep-deprived, chaotic days, beloved car seat company Doona has introduced a new car seat alert system. Designed to fit most car seat and booster seat designs, Doona’s Sensalert combines a soft padded sensor with an easy-to-use app to delivers three escalating alerts to caregivers’ devices if children are left in car seats unattended.

The new technology works by detecting the presence of a child on board and triggers the alert system when the caregiver moves away from the car (the smartphone loses Bluetooth connection with the SensAlert device).

The system’s first alert appears as a simple alert notification from the Doona app on the caregiver’s phone. If this first alarm is not deactivated, SensAlert then automatically places a call to the smartphone using a signal-independent cloud-based system. If the second alarm is not deactivated, the system will both call and send messages (which include location of the vehicle) to up to five pre-defined emergency contacts.

Image: Courtesy Doona

“We are thrilled to be able to introduce a solution that provides real peace of mind to parents everywhere,” says Doona founder, Yoav Mazar said in a press release. “With SensAlert, we’re offering families a tool to help them feel secure no matter where they go, created with proven market-leading technology they can depend on.”

Doona’s SensAlert device retails for just under $100 and is the latest piece of technology designed to help prevent hot car deaths. Other companies like EvenFlo and Volvo have come out with their own innovations and parents across TikTok share hacks and messages every year to remind parents to check twice.

You can learn more about Doona’s SensAlert device and purchase it for you or a loved one at

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