Ellen DeGeneres' New Fashion Line for Walmart Is Here—and It's All Under $30

DeGeneres teamed up with Walmart on her own fashion line, named EV1.

Ellen DeGeneres has been working diligently in her new role as “Chief Design Enthusiast and Comfy Content Reviewer” at Walmart, and the day is finally here to put her comfort-rating formula to the test!

DeGeneres teamed up with the retailer on her very own fashion line, named EV1, and gave herself the hilarious title as “Chief Design Enthusiast and Comfy Content Reviewer” for her new 60-piece collection, which hits stores Monday.

“The whole point of the EV1 line is that it is for everyone,” DeGeneres tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Everyone deserves to look nice and have access to the latest trends and that goes for every size and every budget.”

The collection includes the types of outfits you’d see the talk show host wear, from comfortable jeans made with the right amount of stretch and “that perfect cupping of the bottom region,” to tees with inspirational messages and of course, really cool sneakers.

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“The biggest inspiration was actually inclusiveness,” DeGeneres says about the focus of her designs. “EV1 promotes kindness and love and diversity. We wanted it to appeal and be available to as many people as possible.”

This fall, she says every shopper should get a new pair of EV1 jeans ($ 24), an EV1 denim jacket ($ 28), a cozy EV1 sweatshirt ($ 22.50) plus “a Tide pen in case you spill your pumpkin spice latte on any of it.”

But what’s DeGeneres’ favorite piece in the collection? “This is like picking a favorite child. How can I do it? I love everything in this collection. I love the denim ‘love’ jacket and the ‘love’ T-shirt because of its message of love. And I love the ‘Alex’ vintage jean ($ 24) because it’s comfortable and relaxed and goes well with anything, like a fine wine or a great talk show host.”

You can purchase each of her favorite pieces right now on and watch the special message she recorded for her shoppers from the set of her show in the hilarious clip below.

And while we had DeGeneres’ attention, we asked her a few other questions about her signature style, and she answered in her signature funny way.

PEOPLE: How many pairs of jeans do you own? 

ED: More than I should, but less than you think.

P: What’s the oldest thing in your closet?

ED: A dickie from 1983. Still hoping those make a comeback.

P: What’s the most sentimental thing in your closet?

ED: What I wore to my wedding.

P: Are you an in-store shopper or an online shopper?

ED: I’m mostly an in-store shopper because I know if I get sucked into online shopping I’ll never stop and I’ll stay up all night and I’ll be tired at work the next day and maybe even fall asleep on-air and that would be embarrassing and the show could get cancelled and people would be out of a job. So… in-store.

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