Emily Skye Clapped Back at Haters Who Said Pregnancy Would 'Ruin' Her Body

Don't mess with this mama.

Emily Skye has proudly shared her postpartum journey with fans, and anyone who follows her account (if you don’t, you’re missing out) knows she works out damn hard–pre- and post-pregnancy.

But despite her openness on Instagram, Skye has faced her fair share of critics since giving birth, and now she has a message for them.

“People said things like: ‘Your body is ruined now,’ ‘You’ll never be the same,’ ‘Let’s see what happens to your body once you have a baby,’ ‘You’ll bounce back,’ bla bla bla,” the fitness influencer wrote on Instagram with a side-by-side photo of herself six weeks and eight months postpartum.

Skye is one tough mama, and she didn’t let the haters get to her. “People always have something to say, and there will always be naysayers, so you should stop listening to them. I’m happy, I feel great, and I’m getting fitter and stronger every day,” she captioned her post.

She went on to celebrate her body and all of the wonders it’s worked over the past few months. “I’m absolutely blown away by my body because it grew a human and is still making food for that human.”

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Sorry, naysayers: Skye loves her body more than ever. It turns out, having a baby doesn’t “ruin” your body. In fact, it only makes it more beautiful.

“Love yourself no matter what, choose to be your best, and never doubt yourself,” Skye wrote. “You most certainly can look and feel amazing whether you’ve had a baby or not!”

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