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Summertime Sex

“Summer loving had me a blast
Summer loving happened so fast”

I am sure have heard this famous 1978 tribute to summer romance sung by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in the movie “Grease.” And while summer loving can be a blast, there are good reasons to plan ahead for your escapades. In other words, make sure you think ahead before it happens “so fast.”

Today, let’s go over some notions of summertime sex that you might not realize – or have considered.

First, the basics

Before we discuss those challenges, let’s start with some basics. Good sex is safe sex. That means both partners consenting before any sexual activity takes place. Using condoms and dental dams during every sexual act. Knowing your partner’s sexual history and holding off on sex if one of you has a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or thinks you might have been exposed.

This summer, safe sex is even more important. SARS-CoV-2 (also called the coronavirus) – the virus that causes COVID-19 – has been spiking in North America, and even communities that are slowing down the spread need to be careful. For that reason, experts advise limiting the number of sex partners you have, avoiding casual sex, and having sex only with a committed partner you live with. (See more tips for safe sex during the pandemic here.)

Sex in the great outdoors

Thinking about sex al fresco? Before you start anything, make sure you know about local, state, provincial, and national lewdness and nudity laws. Be willing to accept the consequences if you are caught.

Once you’ve established that, consider where your encounter will take place.

Sex in the water

Have you and your partner fantasized about having sex in the ocean or in a pool, lake, river, or stream? Summer is a great time to try that, but keep these points in mind:

  • Bring a silicone lubricant. It’s reasonable to think the water would make the vagina wet enough, but that’s not the case. Water actually washes away a woman’s natural lubricant. A silicone lubricant should do the trick. (If you’re having anal sex, you should use a lubricant no matter where sex takes place.)
  • Be careful with condoms. Put your condom on before entering the water, and make sure it fits properly. If it doesn’t, it might fill with water like a balloon. You might want to hold it in place during sex to keep it from slipping. If you’re using latex condoms, avoid chlorinated water. (Not sure if you’re using condoms correctly? See this list of common errors.)
  • Watch your surroundings, especially if it’s dark. If you’re having sex in an unfamiliar setting, try to find a stable surface way from rocks or broken glass. If you’re in a pool, take care not to slip on the bottom.

Sex on the beach

Lots of couples fantasize about making love while the ocean rolls in around them. Or maybe you want to hide away in some sand dunes for your tryst. If you’re on the beach, remember to:

  • Stay on a towel or blanket. Sand in the genitals, such as between a woman’s labia, can be quite uncomfortable. Make sure you wash thoroughly afterward.
  • Use sunscreen. Parts of your body that aren’t frequently exposed to the sun can be especially vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Make sure you have sunscreen available. You might even incorporate it into your foreplay.

Sex in the woods

Thinking about ducking behind a rock for some pleasure during a hike? This is another time to bring a towel or blanket and watch your footing. But there are some other considerations to make in the woods:

  • Use insect repellant. Bug spray is not particularly romantic, but your bodies could be fodder for mosquitoes, black flies, and other insects waiting for a snack. On a similar note, make sure there are no nests of insects (such as bees, ants, hornets, or wasps) in the area, especially in logs or in the ground.
  • Watch for other animals. If your location is especially remote, think about what other creatures you might be sharing your space with, especially if you’ve brought food with you.

Sex in hot weather

Maybe you and your partner are perfectly happy to stay inside. If you don’t have air conditioning, sex could become uncomfortable as body temperatures rise. Some couples cool off by (carefully) having sex in the shower. Others experiment with ice cubes. You might also try putting your sheets in the freezer for a while beforehand or having sex on a cool surface, like a tiled floor.

Just enjoy

When it comes to summertime sex, you can let your imagination go. You can plan something elaborate in advance or see where your desires take you more spontaneously. Be safe, but have fun!



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