Erotic Reflexology Points

In one of my many passion-driven career endeavours, I was once a yoga teacher. During one of my many trainings, I was introduced to the art of reflexology

Blissed out by the incredible healing and relaxation that can come from applying pressure to different points on the feet, hands, and ears, I was amazed at the power and accessibility of this practice. 

After some time of giving myself almost daily reflexology (rub my feet and I’m yours), yet another yoga teacher introduced me to what’s known as “erotic reflexology”. 

That’s right. These magical pressure points are found not only in the feet, hands, and ears but also…your genitals. 

What Exactly is Reflexology?

Before we get down to it, first we need to cover the basics. 

Reflexology is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, just like acupuncture.

Rooted in many TCM practices is the idea of Qi, or “vital life force”. This is essentially energetic lines drawn throughout the body that make up what’s called meridian lines.

By stimulating specific meridian points along these lines through acupuncture or reflexology, the practitioner is able to activate various organs and systems that correspond to any given point. 

These techniques break up areas with congested “Qi”, and get the energy moving in a more fluid manner.

The theory is that by using various manual techniques to apply pressure to certain “pressure points ”, the practitioner is able to provide relief from stress, tension, aid in detoxification, and improve circulation. 

Think of it as a remote control. By pressing the “buttons”, or points, on the hands and feet, you can stimulate the joints, kidneys, stomach, reproductive organs, and more. 

It’s not just a theory though, this stuff WORKS! It has been proven to help a plethora of ailments including hypertension, sinus congestion, chronic pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, migraines, PMS, and more. 

So you can imagine my excitement about learning about erotic reflexology. I’m game for anything that blends the lines between sexual health and wellness.

Really, Your Genitals?

Yes, really. Your genitals.

Along the penis, and in the vagina, lies pressure points just like ones found in the hands and feet. 

An important component of reflexology is the organs and systems being treated represent far more than they do in Western medicine. Besides regulating certain areas of the body, certain organs also correspond to specific feelings and emotions. 

Let’s give you a little tour as to what points you can find along the way, what emotions these points represent, and just how to stimulate them (I think you may have some ideas). 

Let’s start with the entrance of the vagina, up towards the G-spot lies the kidney and adrenal gland points. When out of balance, the kidneys can create feelings of shame, guilt, and fear. Get these babies stimulated, and you just may find enhanced feelings of calmness, sympathy, and peacefulness. This can be done with a classic “come hither” motion fingering, or with a curved toy. 

Mosy your way further on up from the G-spot, and you’ll find the liver points. The liver can hold feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration. Prop your pelvic up on a pillow for deeper penetration, and you may just have feelings of generosity, optimism, and rejuvenation wash over you. 

Keep going up the vaginal canal, and you’ll find the spleen/pancreas points. When out of balance, these organs can harbour stress, anxiety, and worry. Have your partner lay on top of you, missionary style, but wrap your legs around them to keep them close while swaying your hips back and forth. This may just be your ticket to feeling more grounded and open. 

Almost all the way up you’ll find the hard to reach A-spot, just around the cervix. This spot is the key to the lungs, which hold sadness, grief, and low self-esteem. Dry doggy style to stimulate this button and allow for confidence and self-assuredness to move through you. 

All the way to the tippy top of the vaginal canal you’ll find the cervix. The cervix is known as the “gateway to the heart”. When out of balance, the heart can cause feelings of impulsiveness, apathy, overstimulation, and impatience. Bring it into balance with deep, slow penetration and find intense feelings of love, awareness, and passion. You may even experience a cervical orgasm, or what’s lovingly called a “heartgasm”. 

Matchy Matchy

Not to get too heteronormative on you, but part of the Taoist, ideas behind genital reflexology, is that the maps of the penis and vagina are in reverse order of one another. So theoretically, if a penis is in a vagina, these opposing points match up with another, causing symmetrical stimulation, and whole body “healing”.

Don’t worry, you can take this practice for a spin no matter what kind of genital configuration you’re working with, even if that’s solo (especially if you’re solo)!  

You certainly don’t need a penis to have your own erotic reflexology experience. Fingers, toys, and mouths are awesome alternatives, and may even give you a chance to focus on thoroughly massage different reflexology points.

We already knew sex came with a plethora of benefits, let this be another tool in your sexual wellness journey!

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