Extra stuff in my vagina

I have never had sex or put a finger/tampon/anything up in my vagina before. Tbh the thought of something going into my vagina scares me. I have tried to put a tampon in myself before but get a panic attack everytime I try. Today I was determined to put the tampon in and got a mirror to look at my vagina. When I spread it apart, I can see extra “stuff”? in my vagina. So when I try to push the tampon in the extra stuff is blocking it. Also I have been together with my boyfriend for almost a year now and we have attempted to have sex 2 times. Each time, before he can even put the tip in I get tremendous pain and he stops. He respects me a lot and is super patient with me. However, I really do want to have sex and also put a tampon in. Is there something wrong with my body?

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