Fear of not being able to get pregnant

Hi everyone. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or if anyone can relate, but I have this irrational anxiety of not being able to get pregnant one day (for the record, I will be 23 this year and I have no plans to get pregnant anytime soon.) I have had issues with ovarian cysts due to only being able to take the mini-pill and have gotten a couple of the cysts removed (none of my ovaries were removed), and there was some endometriosis that she found as well during the surgery in Dec 2018. My cycle is usually pretty messed up due to the mini-pill, however I just switched to a pill that is supposed to be better for that. I just wanted to know if anyone has been in a situation similar to mine, feeling the same way or if they had any trouble conceiving eventually? Ok, rant over.

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