Find Self Love and Self Confidence: A Simple Hack

find self love and self confidence

Find Self Love and Self Confidence: The Innocent Lovable Self

Inside each one of us is an innocent, lovable self, just waiting to be discovered. That includes you. If you are quiet long enough and sit with yourself, you will discover a beautiful ineffable essence that Kahlil Gibran calls, “a fragment of the Divine.”  I know this whole business of finding self-love and self-confidence may be hard to relate to–like an impossible task for YOU. That’s because of the negative chatter in your head about yourself or that the feelings of fear and anxiety can be overwhelming at times.

So for those of you who are single or in unsatisfying relationships today’s step in our journey together is this: Fall in love with yourself and then you will find the love you seek. When you treat yourself well, you will choose partners who love you. As within, so without. This is one of the ultimate secrets for attracting a terrific partner.  So today’s goal is to help you find self love and self confidence through a simple hack.

How to Find Self-Love and Self-Confidence

Well Dr. Diana, you are wondering, how do I overcome my usual self-doubt and learn to create self-love? In our expert dating coach program, we use a simple but very powerful meditation that does just that.  This process takes only 15 minutes or so but it will change your life!

As I’ve mentioned before, the primary relationship we have as a template or model for intimacy and love is our early relationships with our mothers and fathers.  This is the nurturing foundation that we use to create our close relationships.  But usually our experiences growing up with our mothers and/or fathers is not ideal.  You may have experienced being ignored, criticized, controlled or even abused or abandoned.  And these wounds can hold you back in terms of your self love and self confidence.  But the great news is that you can use guided meditation to rewire your love template so that it helps you feel great about yourself!

Below is a powerful meditation that can help you develop self-love based on the archetype of an unconditionally loving mother. (Not your real mother, even if she was unconditionally caring!) If the word mother brings negative associations to mind, you can substitute “angel” or “goddess.”

How to Find Self Love and Self Confidence: A Simple Meditation Hack

Start by sitting in a comfortable private place. Put on uplifting or inspirational music and then close your eyes and take some deep breaths to relax. After the music ends, listen to my recording below from The Self Talk Show hosted by the wonderful Meetali Ohri.  Close your eyes and imagine the guided imagery happening. Let whatever images come up play out in your mind. This is like feeding yourself extremely nutritious food, but it is food you can use to build your mind instead of your body. It can help you build positive and loving associations about yourself.  Feel free to go with any other loving images that might come to mind.  This powerful meditation is designed to help you find self love and self confidence.