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Fruit Street Health launches CovidMD platform for Covid-19 [Sponsored]

Fruit Street Health, a leading telehealth company funded and guided by physicians, has launched CovidMD, a risk assessment, triage, and telemedicine platform created to help the healthcare system safely and efficiently respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. CovidMD will allow people to fill out a risk assessment, receive personalized information based on CDC guidelines, and get connected to a healthcare provider via live video chat. The service became available
Thursday, April 23.

Patients in the U.S. can go to and complete a free, one-minute risk assessment which asks them to provide information about their medical history and current symptoms. CovidMD’s assessment tool tracks sources of domestic exposure and pre-existing chronic conditions as part of a proprietary risk scoring system that generates both an exposure risk score and a health risk score for each person. Patients will then be given personalized information about what to do next, based on their risk scores and the latest CDC guidelines, and have the option to connect with a healthcare provider for a live video telemedicine appointment.

Once patients are placed into the virtual waiting room, they will enter either their Medicare information (telemedicine visits are a covered benefit during the Covid-19 crisis) or their credit card information to pay $ 79 for their visit (if they have private insurance or no insurance).Depending on current demand, patients will likely be able to see a healthcare provider on the same day.

“As soon as the Covid-19 crisis began, we saw a clear application of our technology to help create more access to quality care via telemedicine, reduce community exposure, and help healthcare providers stay safe while treating patients,” said Laurence Girard, founder and CEO of Fruit Street Health and CovidMD.  “With our live video telemedicine platform, we’re providing a
comprehensive solution for patient screening, triage and advice to help lessen the burden on our healthcare system during this pandemic.”

CovidMD is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform built on the Salesforce Service Cloud, the world’s number one customer service platform, which powers more than 1 billion two-way video chats and live chats per day. CovidMD's fully automated virtual care platform routes patients to healthcare providers, supports live video chat and allows providers to share education materials, keep detailed patient data, and record session notes. In the coming weeks, CovidMD will also feature Conversa Health’s automated virtual care and communications platform, which will engage patients throughout the site. CovidMD intends to expand its operation quickly to offer its services to patients in all 50 states in the U.S.

“In addition to keeping healthcare providers safe from exposure to the Covid-19 virus by offering a way to triage and treat patients virtually, CovidMD is also putting all of our other physicians back to work who have had to shut down their practices recently due to social distancing requirements," said Ravi Kamepalli MD, FIDSA, CWSP, a board-certified infectious disease specialist. "This pandemic has catalyzed the federal government and the entire
healthcare industry to shift the delivery of healthcare toward telemedicine and CovidMD is ready to lead the way.”

Healthcare providers, including nurse practitioners, residents and physician assistants are encouraged to join the CovidMD network and get paid to safely provide patient care at:

About Fruit Street Health
Fruit Street Health is a physician-funded telehealth company that offers a comprehensive telemedicine software platform for healthcare providers. Fruit Street currently offers the only CDC-recognized online diabetes prevention program (DPP) delivered through live video chat with registered dietitians. Founded in 2014 as a public benefit corporation, Fruit Street has raised more than $ 20 million in capital from over 300+ physicians who are dedicated to making
a lasting social impact in healthcare.

About CovidMD
CovidMD is a new risk assessment, triage and telemedicine platform created to help the healthcare system respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. On CovidMD, the public is given trusted information about their risk for developing serious illness from Covid-19 based on CDC guidelines, personalized details on available healthcare resources, and the opportunity to connect with a doctor via live video chat for a telemedicine appointment. Fruit Street Health, a leading telehealth company based in New York City, launched CovidMD in 2020.

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