Galentine’s Day: How a Made-Up Holiday Became a Celebration of Female Friendships

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Galentine’s Day may have started as a fictional holiday on the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” but now ladies everywhere get together on February 13 to celebrate friendship and girl power. Make this year’s Galentine’s Day one to remember with these fun ideas.

Go out to brunch


Dinner dates are for your significant other; Brunch dates are for your girls. Nothing says friendship like scrambled eggs, waffles, and mimosas. Here are some BFF quotes you’ll want to text your friends.

Watch movies with strong female leads


Save the cheesy rom-coms for Valentine’s Day. Host a Galentine’s Day movie night that only features movies with strong lead female characters. Some suggestions: The Help, Legally Blonde, The Hunger Games, Erin Brockovich. If you’re up for a truly unseasonal flick, try Silence of the Lambs. Even though it’s a horror film more appropriate for Halloween, no one can deny lead character Clarice Starling’s courage is inspiring. Interested in more great stories? Here are the best books about female friendships.

Have a dessert party


This could be a potluck where everyone brings a different dessert (and recipe to share), or you could all make desserts together. Either way, it’s the perfect excuse to give into your sweet tooth. Then, check out these amazing things girlfriends have done for one another.

Go on a date with your best girlfriends


Who said dates are just for romance? Take classic date activities, like dinner and a movie, and do them with your closest girlfriends (especially if the movie theater has a dine-in option). You can also do the same with these unconventional date night ideas.

Art it up


Show your gal pals how much they mean to you with fun crafts. You can make friendship bracelets, put together a collage of your favorite photos, or make your crafting eco-friendly by turning old wine bottles and light bulbs into fun creations.

Go shopping


A lot of stores have Valentine’s Day sales, so take advantage of them with your favorite shopping buddies. You can use psychology tricks to save money while you shop, but don’t be afraid to treat yourself. It is a holiday, after all. Here are 11 ways to be single on Valentine’s Day and love it.

Strike a pose


Get dressed up (in outfits from your closet or ones that you bought on your Galentine’s shopping spree), and host your own photo shoot. Take turns modeling outfits while the others take pictures paparazzi-style. A red carpet is a must.

Take a trip to the spa


You don’t need to go a luxury resort world’s top luxury resorts to pamper yourself. A professional massage, facial, or mani/pedi can make you feel like new without breaking your bank. When you get home, you can do each other’s makeup like you did in high school.

Skype in with out-of-town friends


Don’t get discouraged if your closest girlfriends don’t live next door. Include them in your Galentine’s Day plans via video chat. These tips can help you maintain lifelong friendships.

Drink wine


Whatever activity you end up doing, make sure there’s wine involved. Nothing says “classy” like a glass of wine. Next, check out these 50 awesome best-friend gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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