Garmin Watch Sale at REI 2020

Now that many of us have gotten into the rhythm of at-home workouts, or have taken up running in isolation, you may be looking to invest in a tracker that can help you monitor your pacing (and set personal records). We couldn’t help but notice that there are lots of Garmin watches on sale as part of REI’s Anniversary Sale, which are some of the most popular running watches for their intricate pacing and running-related features (the brand came up multiple times when we surveyed runners and marathoners recently on their favorites).

Now’s the time to strike if you’ve been looking to buy a Garmin watch—or a fitness tracker in general—to keep tabs on your progress at home. Here, we’ve rounded up a few models that were favorites among the runners we surveyed, ones that can help you keep track of your heart rate and miles logged during a socially distanced run, and even store a go-to playlist with the touch of a few buttons.

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