Gear Guide: Got Bounce? Not With This Bra

As I wear a size 34D, I find that most sports bras lead to embarrassing (and painful) jiggling when I do any activity with even a hint of impact or intensity (you know, like yoga). Those bras that actually do stop the bouncing are usually hideously ugly and uncomfortably tight, plus they mush everything together into a decidedly unattractive “uniboob” shape. Enter Moving Comfort’s new Luna bra, seeking to buck this unfortunate trend.

Let’s get right to it: This bra stops the bounce. I wore it while Kangoo jumping, power walking, doing jumping jacks…and the girls stayed in place. I even hopped around in front of my bathroom mirror, checking for movement. Nada. Very impressive.

More things to like: It’s really comfy and cool (love the “sweat zone” placement of the front mesh panel), the smooth seams mean you can wear it under a workout tee without announcing to the world that you’re wearing a sports bra (and here it is!), and the molded cups make my breasts look like actual breasts instead of a blobby shelf. What’s more, the straps are both adjustable (a real plus for my short-trunked frame) and nicely padded, so they don’t dig into my shoulders.

There are two things I don’t like: First, it’s a little pricey—I don’t know about you, but paying half a Benjamin for a sports bra seems a bit excessive to me. And second, it only comes in basic colors (black, white, beige, and blue). Why is it that all the cute prints and jazzy hues seem to be reserved for dainty-breasted women?

Still, while this bra stops short of perfection, it’s definitely a jostle-free step in the right direction.

Product: Moving Comfort Luna bra
Category: Apparel
Pros: This comfy bra controls bounce beautifully, keeps you feeling cool, and looks nice under a top.
Cons: It’s not cheap, plus the colors are bland.
Cost: $ 52 (sizes 32B through 38DD) at

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