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Geisinger rolls out platform for virtual monitoring of chronic disease patients

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Danville, Pennsylvania-based Geisinger has launched a new virtual monitoring application for patients with chronic illnesses.

Called ConnectedCare365, the app enables patients to chat with their care team and provide data at any time, like blood glucose levels and symptoms they are experiencing, so Geisinger care teams can address issues before they become critical, said Justin Williams, co-founder and CEO of Noteworth — the company that developed the app — in an email.

Digital health startup Noteworth developed ConnectedCare365 as a configuration of its product Noteworth Connect, which enables data collection, care management and virtual visits. The app leverages remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools to support clinical decision making.

With the new app, clinicians can monitor patient vital signs remotely and then intervene when needed, Williams said. The app analyzes patient-generated data and relevant information from EHRs.

“When a provider sees a patient has an out-of-range result or isn’t taking prescribed medications as planned, they can interact with the patient at home using telehealth and virtual tools to check-in, answer questions, and get care back on track,” he said.

In most cases, patients can use devices they already have in conjunction with the app, but the care team can also provide patients with Bluetooth-or cellular-connected devices if needed.

“This is a fundamentally different approach to chronic disease management,” said Dr. Karen Murphy, chief innovation officer and founding director of Geisinger’s Steele Institute for Health Innovation, in a news release. “Using predictive analytics, as well as real-time analysis of clinical and patient-generated data, ConnectedCare365 will help our patients achieve their health goals and better manage chronic conditions.”

Though ConnectedCare365 is being rolled out across the organization, it will first be used by patients receiving care from case managers that focus on important chronic conditions, such as diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and behavioral health. This includes Covid-19 patients.

“The future rollout will include far more uses and touchpoints for both the care team and patients,” Williams said.

Geisinger will also use the platform to ease patients’ transition from the hospital to their home or to a post-acute care facility.

“The overall goal is to change the way care is delivered,” Williams said. “Obviously, we will have a big impact at Geisinger… But the goal is much larger.  We feel this partnership can be a beacon for what is possible.”

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