Grateful Teen Gets Her Mom A Vaccination Thank-You Cake

One teen proved that showing gratitude is as easy as cake.

Alyssa Jackson, a 17-year-old from Pittsburgh, thought of a cute way to show her mom how glad she and her siblings are that they’re immune to infectious diseases — with an ice cream cake that reads: “Thx 4 Vaccinating Us, Mom.”

Alyssa Jackson and her sister added the message on this Dairy Queen ice cream cake and gifted it to their mom.

Alyssa Jackson and her sister added the message on this Dairy Queen ice cream cake and gifted it to their mom.

Alyssa explained to HuffPost that she and her sister, Ashley, 19, “always try to make our mom laugh” and the idea to give their mother a delicious heap of ice cream happened pretty organically.

The sisters had just picked up Alyssa’s immunization records from the doctor, which she needed to transfer to a new school, when they stopped at Dairy Queen to get some food.

“While sitting there, we made the decision to get the cake, and we wanted to write something on it,” Alyssa told HuffPost. “And we do appreciate her for getting us vaccinated.”

The teens decorated the cake on their own and explained that when they got home, their mother was a bit “skeptical” as they walked into the house with the icy delight since they were just supposed to pick up immunization records.

“She said, ‘You can’t smash that in my face,’” Alyssa said of her mother’s initial reaction.

But once her mom saw what the cake said, “she had a good laugh and I honestly think she appreciated the gesture,” Alyssa told HuffPost.

Needless to say, the teenager is happy she has her shots and thinks others should get theirs as well.

“Vaccinations are very important because you are not only exposing your child to certain threats. You are also bringing other children into it,” she told HuffPost.

Alyssa decided to make her stance public and posted a video on the social media platform TikTok of the two sisters decorating the cake and presenting it to their mom. The video soon went viral.

Alyssa said once the video gained traction, her mom started getting really excited.

“When she found out the video was getting more likes, she was talking about how it could possibly be on ‘Good Morning America,’ which is a show she watches almost every morning,” Alyssa said. “At one point she texted me asking if I was famous.”

Though Alyssa has made her position on the polarizing subject of vaccinations crystal clear, she also thinks the decision to get vaccinated is up to the individual.

“I feel like [people] should do what they believe in. Even if that means they won’t get vaccinated,” Alyssa said. “It sucks, and they should do it, but I have no right to interfere with other people’s lives.”

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