Hacks Every New Parent Needs

Navigating the world of raising a kid for the first time is all at once magical and crazy challenging. From trying to figure out how to soothe your little one when they’re crying to properly packing your diaper bag so it doesn’t explode, you want to identify the fastest and easiest ways to get your parenting game on-point. The good news: When it comes to coming up with stealthy ways to simplify their lives, new parents are naturally brilliant! Seriously, just check out these nine genius hacks that have understandably gone viral (and then bookmark them for the future!).

1. For a teething baby

A mom from Columbus, Ohio, recently shared photos and video of her teething L.O. enjoying a popsicle made from her frozen breast milk. “When your son is absolutely devouring his milksicle,” she wrote on her Facebook post. And it really works: According to a study in Pediatrics, breast milk can act as an analgesic.

2. For baby bottle mess

Texas mom Brooke McDaniel took to Facebook to share the super-simple, but very effective way she managed to straighten up the mess made from baby bottles: She bought a shower caddy for $12! “I have two children on bottles and not enough time to wash them 6 times a day,” she wrote. Thankfully, the caddy keeps all the supplies — including pacifiers, bibs and burp towels — nice and neat!

3. For an out-of-control diaper bag

Elizabeth Rasco, a mom and artist based in Redding, California, got super-crafty with her diaper bag, and parents around the Internet went wild for her invention. She used a headband purchased at a dollar store to attach a pack of baby wipes to the inside of the top of a wipes box, which of course allowed her to use the empty space for onesies, diapers, doggie bags for dirty diapers and a disposable changing table. Talk about organized!

4. For a Mary Poppins moment

A spoonful of sugar — or in this case, sprinkles — helps the medicine go down! Mom Blair Britt took to Instagram to share this colorful trick for getting her little one to take antibiotics to treat an ear infection. A word of caution: If your tot is under a year, skip this hack and instead talk to your doctor about other safe, age-appropriate ways to help make the medicine go down a little bit more easily.

5. For when you lose your cool

Shauna Harvey’s parenting hack isn’t so much about staying more organized, but it does help her stay in check emotionally. The mom shared on Facebook how she uses hair ties to keep her cool when her “oh so testy” 4-year-old is driving her nuts.”I wore 5 rubber bands on my wrist from the time I got up, to the time I tucked him in just now,” she wrote. “The 5 rubber bands represent every time you lose your cool or say something unkind to your child. Every time that happens, you move one band to the other wrist. To ‘gain the band back,’ you must do 5 kind/positive things with your child (dance party, singing a song together, reading together, etc).” Sounds like a plan!

6. For broken pull-ups

Even celeb moms like Kristen Bell rely on quickie tricks to take care of business. If a pull-up gets busted and you’re on a plane (or anywhere you can’t immediately swap it out) just use a hair tie.

7. For a fussy baby

In a Facebook Live, dad Daniel Eisenman shared an awesome and super-easy way to soothe your crying baby: Look right in her face and let out a gentle, steady “ohm” just as you would in yoga class. Some people theorize that babies like the humming noise because it reminds them of being in the womb (apparently, it simulates the sound of mom’s heartbeat!), but whatever the reason, this trick appears to really work.

8. For dads of a breastfeeding baby

Chris Allen appeared on Ellen Degeneres after taking to Facebook to share a video of himself “nursing” his L.O. with a bottle MacGwyver-ed up to mimic a breast. “Mommy had to go to work, so daddy’s helping out,” Allen explains in the clip. “I guess it’s like breastfeeding right? Gotta love it.” Agreed!

9. For babyproofing in a pinch

Visiting your in-laws over summer vacay, and there are sharp edges everywhere that are just taunting you while posing infinite dangers to your toddler? Take a tip from a mom named Cori who recently shared her simple babyproofing hack. “All you need is a floating pool needle,” she writes. “Just cut it to the length of the table and cut a slit along the entire tube. Insert the table’s side in the slit and you’re done! If your baby is able to take it off, secure it with a little tape.” Done and done!


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