Had a D&C procedure over the summer to remove a fibroid. Something’s still not right.

I was experiencing intermittent bleeding between periods and during sex which led to the medical speculation of a possible polyp or fibroid. Did an ultrasound and the recommendation was surgery. Underwent the surgery, was told I’d feel a lot of pain and bleed a lot after but I never did. What I did experience was constant discharge. It didn’t smell terrible just a very mild odour, it was clear for the most part but it prompted me to get on probiotics because I thought maybe my ph was off due to the surgery.

The probiotics did not help this symptom. I tried acupuncture and yoni steaming as well which did help temporarily

Fast forward a couple months later I finally give in and see the gynecologist.

My hesitation in seeing them was they’d write off my symptoms as a yeast infection, prescribe me antibiotics and never follow up.

So she takes a culture. It comes back as group b strep. This was a shock. No explanation was given, only a script for antibiotics. I never had symptoms for this. The antibiotics gave me a pretty brutal yeast infection so I had to go back and get a prescription to combat that

Now that it’s been a couple weeks off the antibiotics, I’m still experiencing the discharge. She chalked it up to my cervix still being dilated from the procedure but it’s been 4 months since that happened

I havent been on birth control in over a year and the Dr also did advise to go back on it if the culture came back normal but since it was group b strep, and she hasn’t followed up since the round of antibiotics I’m not sure what her advice would be. I can’t help but disagree though.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or can offer any advice?

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