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Healthy Burger Recipes

If you are looking for inspiring burger recipes, then check out this collection of healthy, juicy and delicious burgers! From vegetarian bean burgers, beef and mushroom burgers to grain-free burger bowls!

Burger night doesn’t have to be the same old hamburger beef patty on a bun anymore! Check out the burgers below and try one of these recipes tonight!

Tips For Making The Best Healthy Burgers

  1. Blend veggies into your meat of choice for added nutrition and to bulk up serving size.
  2. Try plant based burger options instead of meat, such as homemade bean burgers or a meat alternative like Beyond Beef.
  3. Try cooking the burgers on the grill or oven without added fat to reduce the calories and fat.
  4. Skip the cheese and add flavorful lower calorie ingredients like herbs and spices and condiments such as pickled onions or homemade ketchup to boost the flavor of your burgers for less calories and saturated fat.
  5. Skip the high calorie and fat side dishes and serve your burger with healthier side dishes such as Healthy Coleslaw or Baked Oven Fries.

Fore more tips and great recipes check out these nine healthy burger recipes below!

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