im so scared i have ovarian cancer. ( 14yo ) sometimes, i get pain in pelvic area ( doesn’t rlly hurt, just feels like ovulation. ) since 2 days, i had lot of discharge. watery + a kinda white-gray-green clot. smells so much. also sometimes ( since 2 days ) it smells like fish and itches. rare tho. what scared me SO much was because i had heartburn ( since 3 days ). i looked and says it’s a symptoms. also joint pain. rare headaches. no other things. sometimes i get diharrea tho, rarely constipated. no blood, rarely tired, no weight loss, no bloating, no lump, no problems eating.

extra info :

im a 14 years old girl. 5’6 got periods at 12 hypochondriac family cancer history : great grandmother = colorectal cancer my grandmother’s twin = breast cancer. kinda healthy but eats lot of sugar and not that much meat. any help is welcomed, i would prefer if you message me 🙂

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