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Here’s Why Aldi’s Groceries Are So Cheap

They use boxes, milk racks and pre-packaged produce


Boxes aren’t the only way Aldi saves time (and money). Products such as milk and even produce help reduce the upkeep at an Aldi store. Milk already comes in racks, and produce is pre-packaged and ready for checkout. Check out these ways to spend less at the grocery store

They use energy-efficient lighting


In a press release in February 2017, Aldi announced its initiative to save money by remodeling some of the stores. A modern design (and even using open ceilings) will bring natural lighting into the store, making it environmentally friendly, too. They’ll even use recycled materials, energy-saving refrigeration, and LED lighting.

They have fewer workers

06-aldi-groceries-cheaper-wal-mart-shutterstock_656809804-300x300Slide6Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Aldi will often schedule only two or three staff at a time. That’s nothing compared to the number of employees you’ll see at other markets. With the way Aldi is designed, not as many workers are needed to stock the shelves or keep things in order. This also allows the store to pay those few employees a decent paycheck.

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