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Here’s Why You Won’t Find Sweethearts on Valentine’s Day

No more candy heart messages for this year.

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This year, the season of love is also the season of heartbreak for all you Sweethearts fans. Here’s why.

You might have been looking forward to Valentine’s Day all year just to get your hands on some of those sugary candy hearts. Conversation hearts always gave us the right words to say “I Love You,” but this year they won’t be saying much at all. The company who launched Sweethearts, New England Confectionary Company (that’s NECCO, for short), has officially closed its doors.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other tasty treats dropping in time for the holiday, but nothing’s more iconic on Valentine’s Day than good ol’ Sweethearts. Check out these Valentine’s Day traditions around the world.

The bad news first

We heard about problems with NECCO’s sales in 2018, and in July, the company finally went under. While the consumer rush to collect as many Sweethearts as possible gave NECCO a significant bump in sales (50 percent higher than usual!), it wasn’t enough to stop the shutdown. Sales for 2019 were projected to plummet.

That’s why Sweethearts won’t be hitting shelves for Valentine’s Day this year, and yes, we’re as disappointed as you are. Still need a cute pick-me-up? Oreo took a page out of the Sweethearts book for Valentine’s Day.

Now, for the good news

It’s not all bad news. NECCO is seemingly gone for good, but the name of “Sweethearts” will be carried on. In fact, NECCO has already been bought out by Spangler Candy Company. You might know Spangler as the parent company of Dum-Dums. Unfortunately, since the NECCO auction happened too late in the year, the candy hearts’ production for 2019 was put on hold.

The good news is that conversation hearts will be making a comeback for next year. If you want a bag of the original for old time’s sake, they’re available on Amazon. For $ 10, you can have the last line of NECCO candy hearts, but be quick! We have a feeling they’ll go fast. Next, learn these facts you never knew about Valentine’s Day.

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