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How Much Protein in an Egg & 20 Other Foods with More

Eggs are pretty much synonymous with protein in the average American diet. Considering how much protein in an egg there actually is—six grams in one large egg and seven in an extra large, per the USDA—it’s undeniable how heavily we rely on the affordable, versatile chicken egg to get our protein. In 2018, we produced a staggering 279 table eggs per person, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

But say you’re not an egg person—or you’re eating vegan, or you’re an egg-eater who’s just looking to diversify their protein intake. Well, there are actually tons of richer sources of the vital macronutrient out there, from familiar animal proteins like meat, dairy, and seafood to various plant proteins like beans and legumes. Here are 20 foods that outdo the protein in eggs.

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